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Lash Philosophy Lounge is a cozy studio with the most advanced and sophisticated equipment and the welcoming atmosphere. We are always happy to see our customers because we love them, and we want to take care of their appearance and health, satisfying the most fastidious tastes, and making the process of keeping their beauty much easier. In our studio, you will meet only professional and qualified artists. We guarantee the highest quality, personal approach and exclusive treatment!

In our work, we use only products supplied by the most famous manufacturers in the USA, including pigments, and the most advanced numbing creams developed by the best technologists and pharmacists. These components allow solving up to 100% of issues related to the color choosing process, decreasing the pain to the minimum levels. One could never experience such pleasant and comfortable permanent makeup application before. Each procedure takes 1.5-2 hours on average, and the healing requires 5-7 days when the patient has to follow simple rules in order to restore the normal state of the skin. The studio is open 6 days a week, and our working schedule is really flexible. We are ready to stay in tune with the needs of the customers.

Permanent Makeup Services​


Powdered Effect \ Combination Technique \ Ombre \3D \ Microstrokes $350
Upper eyelids \ Shadow Effect \ Microeyeliner \ Eye Enhancement $200
Bottom Eyelids Liner $100
Lip Contour (outline) $350
Full lip (outline+3D shading) $450
Beauty mark $100
Scar Cover up \ Surgery scar Cover up \ Burn scar \ Skin discoloration \ Vitiligo $250 per hour
Scalp camouflage \ Hair imitation \ Cleft lip tattooing \ Areola \ Nipple tattooing $250 per hour
1st touch up (per zone) 50% of initial price
2nd touch up (per zone) $50 2nd year full price
1st year 70% of initial price
2nd touch up (per zone) $50 2nd year full price
So what is the permanent makeup? Each and every woman who takes care of her health and appearance faces this important question in her life. The permanent makeup or the permanent cosmetics is a cosmetic treatment, which can be used to change the shape of the eyebrows, eyes, and lips, making them more bright and attractive by using the special pigment delivered to the upper layers of the skin. This amazing procedure can be used to hide imperfections, creating a set of permanent makeup on the face of the patient for 3-5 years. That’s why the woman will look attractive and luxurious after this incredible treatment.

This great procedure can be recommended for all women and men in the world:

  • In case if the patient has pale or light eyelashes, eyebrows or lips
  • In case if the patient prefers the active lifestyle, frequently traveling, going to the pool, practicing sports or doing any other activities
  • In case if the patient’s schedule is really busy and they want to save the precious time
  • In case if the patient wants to solve problems caused by the asymmetric shape of the face, as well as to prevent the aging effect
  • And in case if the patient strives to be perfect, being able to follow the latest trends in the world!

The permanent makeup is highly recommended for visually impaired people, patients with allergy to decorative cosmetics, as well as for those suffering from visual imperfections of the skin or appearance. This treatment is also great for people who want to hide scars after a surgery, create the image of dense hair on the head, or imitate the breast areole with the means of permanent cosmetics.

The permanent makeup is the chance and passion to be attractive and beautiful throughout the life!

Depending on the chosen zone the entire procedure will take from 1.5 to 2.5 hours from the moment when the patient enters the clinic, until the moment when they can leave home. The specialist will discuss and help to find the optimal shape of the permanent makeup for the face, which is going to be unique, keeping the personal proportions and nuances of the patient. After creating the template the specialist will offer the patient several color combinations, and the patient has to choose the most optimal one. The process of permanent makeup application can take from 40 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the personal features of the skin, the complexity of the makeup, and color choice. After the procedure the specialist has to provide thorough information about required post-treatment care measures, discussing the date for an additional visit in order to make required adjustments and corrections. The period of rehabilitation lasts from 7 to 10 days, without limiting the social activity, or giving severe pain feelings. In case if the patient has any questions, they can always call us. We are sure in our competence and knowledge by 100%, and we are always ready to answer all questions, and address all the issues!

The qualitative permanent makeup will be bright and clear during the period of 1-3 years. The patient is able to refresh or renew the permanent cosmetics every couple of years, depending on the personal features of the body, and the will of the permanent makeup owner.

It’s worth noting that the ultraviolet is the worst enemy of any tattoo or permanent makeup. The real fans of tanning studios and natural tanning have to renew the permanent makeup more frequently. All treatments causing skin renovation, such as chemical peelings, scrubs or facials will make the pigment pale. Furthermore, light shades will fade out faster than darker ones.

Keeping all these facts in mind, the cosmetologist has to give the following answer when asked about the “lifespan” of the permanent makeup: “Everything depends on the specific patient!”

All equipment and pigments used during the treatment are made in the USE. The customers are frequently asking about the manufacturer of the equipment, including machines, pigments, needles, and so on. Unless our customer is an expert in this specific field, there are high chances that they are not aware of the permanent makeup application process, and equipment in use. Thus, this information is not really important for the customer, and the main task is to find an experienced artist, putting the difficult task of permanent makeup application on their shoulders.

The customers are also worried about the needles in use. Depending on the type of the device, the size of the needle may vary. It’s not really interesting to explain the process of needles selection. The customer has to know that ALL NEEDLES are supplied in sterile and disposable packaging. The artist has to open the packaging in front of the customer and dispose of it after the procedure.

The artist will also use a numbing cream of the last generation, as well as the required protection, i.e. disposable gloves, sterile composition for the equipment, and disinfectants with the wide range of application.


I have been watching this space for quite a while, before I decided to go ahead and book myself in for a Permanent Make Up by Natalia Leon of the upper and lower eye line and a lip blend. After a fair bit of searching I have found Natalia in South Tampa. She had a very impressive webpage with lots of experience. I rang her and she was very nice explained everything to me and also sent me an e-mail outlining the procedures and FAQ. Reading all the reviews made me quite worried about pain. I told Natalia and she said she will be putting plenty of numbing cream on. As it was expected my eyes and lips were slightly swollen, but they went down very quickly. Really, I was the only one who noticed them.
I am very happy with the result, even though it is not finished yet. I am going back for my second appointment for the touch-up and I am really happy done it!

Permanent Make Up


I always wanted to do of permanent make up of  my eyebrows because they were empty and uneven. I found Natalia   and didn’t regret it. The procedure lasted about 2 hours. Natalia used a pencil at first to draw the my new shape. After I approved it and agreed on it and she used a pen to create  thin strokes for imitation  my real hair. I hardly felt any pain. Natalia used some numbing cream  which really worked. Now I really enjoy my new eyebrows!

Permanent Make Up


I decided to get my eyebrows done because of a lack of arch and fullness of my brows. It actually all started when I got eyelash extensions.So when I got my eyelashes done, brows was the next step. The process was quite painful, my body did not like it at all.I like my brows so far though, the shape is good. 

Permanent Make Up


I searched on line for camouflage tattoos to cover stretch marks and surgery cut from a mini tummy tuck- I came upon Natalia enough site and liked her experience & photos from actual clients. I recommend her absolutely!

Permanent Make Up


Natalia has a great eye for eyebrow design.  There was a little bit of discomfort at the beginning, but her numbing cream helped a lot. What’s neat is that she provides 1 touch up after the initial procedure so  it looks great. I never had any permanent make up done before and I’m really enjoying not having to always apply makeup before work! I would highly recommend Natalia and just having permanent makeup done in general.

Permanent Make Up